Reaction Theatre Makers hold community devising workshops where we create new work together. Sometimes we invite other artists to come and work with us.

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I always wanted the chance to do something like this. Didn’t think it would happen. Nice one! (DW, participant)

I’d start walking the night before to get here if I had to. (PB, participant)
‘Makes my life worthwhile.’ JM, participant


We have worked with Naomi Said, Lizie Saunderson, Golden Thread Playback Company, Tim Wheeler and Adrian Jackson.


“From an occupational therapy perspective, this is an exceptionally dynamic group... It's taught me a lot about the therapeutic benefit of the performing arts.'’ Hayley Boulton, OT


Please get in touch via the contact form if you would like RTM to work with your group to create a performance piece.


RTM facilitators, from left to right: Emmi Allsop, Tiffany Hosking, Caitlin Morgan, Connie Moore




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Reactions' artists are also delighted to offer weekly inclusive theatre skills sessions. These workshops run weekly throughout term time, and are enjoyed by students, carers and facilitators alike.

While these sessions are seperate from our touring productions, they are valued equally.


Sessions are held on Tuesdays at 10-11.30am and 12-1.30pm at Malvern Cube Albert Road North, Malvern WR14 2YF.