**** 'The Slip' at Martley Village Hall

By Catherine Crosswell

Currently on tour around various venues in Hereford and Worcestershire, The Slip is a compelling piece of modern theatre that combines elements of drama, music and dance into a very watchable and highly enjoyable performance.

Originally inspired by Marge Piercy's novel Woman on the Edge of Time, The Slip was devised by ReAction Theatre Makers and written and directed by Tiffany Hoskins, who also plays the role of DJ.

The story centres around Zoe, played by Dee Vincent-Lloyd, who is struggling with the relationship with her husband Liam (Lee Farley) and following a visit to an art gallery run by Electra (Michelle Pogmore) starts to experience the future of the seaside town in which she lives.

Music is a big presence throughout from the entry of the audience right to beyond the close of the show, leading to the audience being reluctant to leave, as they are so drawn in to the entire experience. Combining the live playing of musician Guy Smith with the sensuous voice-over from the DJ and an obviously very carefully thought-out play list, the music cleverly weaves together the fluctuating time line and provides the vehicle for combination of movement with sometimes tense dialogue.

Without wanting to reveal too much of the story line as the production clearly deserves further outings, special mention must go to the underwater scene for its combination of effective lighting, great music and intricate movement, particularly from Electra.

Characteristic of the attention to detail that has gone into the production is the costume design handled by Karen Johns which is unobtrusive yet plays a part in giving insight into the lives of the future inhabitants of the town.

The Slip is a very high quality work and as such deserves to be seen by a much wider audience. The poster and description may conjure thoughts of domestic violence and lead to the expectation of a harrowing story. Though not without emotional depth, the play does in fact tread a lighter path and ultimately leaves the audience intrigued and mesmerised. I, for one, would love to see it again