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"Outside In is a beautiful, sad portrait of the lives of thousands of people who are living in tents in doorways, buses, and temporary hostels in the fifth richest nation in the world and it is hard not to feel ashamed.

As I left The Cube that evening, I made a promise to myself that I would not be one of the hypocrites described by Paul in the audience, but that I would do whatever I am able to, to help. I encourage you to see this play and I encourage theatres up and down Britain to stage it. It’s brilliant." - Bernadette Kearney

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"So often the voice of Lived Experience of those Homeless are used to meet a tickbox or allow an orgnaisation to exploit them. 

Tiffany Hoskin does the exact opposite in her play Outside In, by instead  following months of research, infusing them with power and through performance, bringing their voices to life, with passion & pathos.

As someone who was and is currently homeless, I can tell you she captures brilliantly the wall of anonymous faces you have to deal with in a variety of bureaucracies, the disconnect of people in society who think it's always someone else's problem and the camaraderie of the people who find themselves without homes.

Theatre has the power to change hearts and minds and I'm pretty sure this will change yours.. especially the next time you pass someone homeless sleeping rough." - Paul Atherton

“Commedia dell'arte, timeless, universal, the perfect golden washing line from which to hang Robyn & Adam's stories of homelessness & hope & eternal human'ness.

Just lovely work by a brilliant ensemble that ripped along with its tide of days & nights without a home.” - Adrian Mealing / UK Touring


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