Honey - Andy Major

The Welsh mountains find us where brilliant blues gold and an amber sunshine brings a honeyed dialogue.nAlmost hidden in the sustained feel of Reaction Theatre Maker's 'Honey' is an understated self examining humour which a blends together one presence for audience and the actors felt' on and 'off stage'. To our visual delight we are entranced by seamless choreography, sound, original music and lighting. There are moments of luminous truth falling open onto the stage, like the iconic hexagonal patchwork quilt; a delicate but disposable fabric.

'Honey' is Part of Reaction's Earth Mind Trilogy'. I reckon this as ensemble piece worthy of one of those 'other places in Stratford ' down road a bit. It could stand alone as a radio play with just a hint of Milkwood, of course but much more. A folky soundscape evokes the balm of nature but never for too long before reality slaps from Dylan's namesake Bob' as a hard rain falling.

Engagingly observed we follow some familiar unravelling as fragile family and community allegiances threaten to unthread. Honey's understated lyrical magic is its power to call us on through personal spaces we'd rather disown. Intuitive silent communication at play invites the untangling of our knots of disability and separation in my own case a tendency to stubborn incomprehension. Our theatre seats remained in Coventry -on the front row- but that urban studio at the Albany became intimate -our land -we are the villagers, confidantes, and might come or go, as suddenly as that almost visible colony of bees.

Go taste and see - a long and winding road beckons you into the heartlands where bible black certainty meets starlight. The tapestry of coincidence followed us out of the theatre into the car park where we met a creative director of RTM who I had wanted to talk to after the performance.Our times they are are a changing so let's respect this invitation to rediscover our mind-body native cry for home.