Earth Mind Trilogy

Honey No Text 4x3


A patchwork of life in the Welsh mountains: there is magic at work here in this lush and hilly landscape as wonderful as any bees waggle dance. Honey weaves together the stories of a family in tatters - a tattoo artist, an autistic boy, his mother in the valley, his father away at war, and those that want to love them. This is not a story of war, but of community and of all those communities that are breaking down. But woven throughout is a quilt, stitched with hopes and dreams, pieced together for the boy with autism who loves to dance. With a beautiful backdrop of specially written folk music you will taste the honey, feel the richness of the hills and hear the music that fills these hearts.

Slip1 4x3

The Slip

Melting polar ice-caps, grubby boots and bubble-wrap combine to tell you this intriguing and magical story. A moving, funny, quirky slice of life, The Slip will leave you spell-bound and wanting more.

Fish6 4x31


Tom and Lydia met by the sea, where all the best stories start. He is a fisherman and she is a ventriloquist. A fairytale for the growing up, FishHead's net casts wide. A cast of three, a perspex set, a great sound track and evocative projections; this highly visual piece explores the symbiosis between humankind and the sea, through an original story that moves and uplifts.