FEAST: Sunday

17th November 2019




Family Theatre Day

Time: 11am - 4pm
Ticket Price: £7.50
FREE for under 3's!

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We Welcome you to a wonderful day of magical theatre experiences for the whole family. Join us for a whole day of wonder with Adventure walks, family dance and movement explorations, puppetry workshops and art, stories in Enter Edems sensory space and our main show Tom Thumb by lyngo theatre aimed at children aged 3+ “Hands down the best piece of children’s theatre I have seen to date.”


Family Day Programme:

2pm: Tom Thumb presented by Lyngo Theatre

One night tiny Tom overhears Mum and Dad talking - there's nothing left to eat so they are going to leave him and his six brothers in the forest! Outwitting his parents and the ogre Tom shows everybody that even though he is small he is still mighty as he protects his brothers, finds the treasure and makes sure they'll never be hungry again. Performed entirely on and under a kitchen table this classic story is brought to life in a playful and fascinating show full of Lyngo's magic with feathery spinning birds, a flying house and a portable forest. Come and join tiny Tom on his very big adventure!

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Motherland 4x3



Presented by Jo Tyabji
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: £10 or £7 under 21's

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So what do you think of the state of your country today? 

Some people say it’s about needing British values. Some people say it’s not about intolerance, it’s about not tolerating intolerance. Some people say they don’t mind change but it’s happening too fast. Some people say we need to decolonise, get back to the true India. 

And what do you say?

Know that feeling like you can’t say anything? Like you don’t know what you could say? Like you don’t want anyone to start shouting, or tweeting 25 tweet threads at you?

And what do you feel?

When they tell you you’re not Indian. When they ask you, quietly, politely, still holding your passport, to step to one side. When they tell you you’re not British. When they say you’re a terrorist. When they add your name, without you noticing, to a list.

It’s not right, violence. But then maybe sometimes, just sometimes, you feel like it is.

Motherland – punching fascists in the face through the medium of drag.

Warning: this is a visceral full bodied dragged up queertastic howl of a show, and it makes no apology for it.

Supported by Arts Council England

Produced in association with Milk Presents

About the artist

Jo is Co-Artistic Director and founder of ivo theatre and Company Associate at Milk Presents. She drags as Joé de Vivre performing at Somerset House, the Cocoa Butter Club, Resistance Galleries and the Styx. As a director, she has also held residencies at the Almeida, the National Theatre Studio and Old Vic New Voices.