RTM reside within the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. The hills are not only the backdrop to the town and surrounding areas but provide its residents and the company with with a shared love and sense of identity. As resident company at the Malvern Cube RTM is embedded within the landscape and its community.

Our work has a filmic style, combining abstract architecture with emotional realism and a tendency to move forwards and backwards in time. Our work identifies strongly with the changing landscape, nature and the human mind. Ensemble is at the heart of our work, a highly visual collision of text, dance and intimacy that is always underscored with an incredible soundtrack. Practicing artists and facilitators alike, the reaction team are inspired by the link between health and creativity.

Since 2002 we have been developing original work and delivering workshops into the community for abled and differently abled adults and people with learning difficulties. Since 2012 we have successfully toured two original and innovative pieces 'The Slip' "An innovative and compelling theatrical production, The Slip stayed with me long after the final words were spoken - there's a kind of transience about the play, an almost mystical quality you might say that is quite unique and something you don't encounter that often in British theatre", and 'FishHead' "I left feeling that had witnessed a truly beautiful piece of theatre. It had a purity and originality about it have not often experienced.

Our community is important to us, and developing a thriving arts scene within Worcestershire is intrinsic to our development as individuals and a company. We think it is vital to develop links between local artists and companies with those in the wider areas, nationally and internationally. We want to look outwards to inspire our Comunity of artists and to develop new audiences and a platform for emerging local companies. RTM have been programming innovative theatre at the Malvern Weekend Cube since the beginning of 2015. Our programming has ranged from international company 'Clod Ensemble' to scratch nights for local artists.

In 2016 we are aiming to put on Worcestershires first 4 day theatre festival 'Feast'.