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FEAST 2019

November 2019

After a very successful third year FEAST will return to Malvern for it's fourth year. Offering the best of regional and national contemporary theatre in the gorgeous setting of Great Malvern, Worcestershire. Full programme to be announced in September.

We are now welcoming submissions for our ‘SCRATCH’ events happening at FEAST 2019- bitesize bits of new theatre (between 10-20 mins of new writing) to whet the appetite!

…get in touch via the contact form!

Audience and Practitioner Feedback

Working with FEAST has been fantastic, it was such a hugely rewarding experience bringing our latest work to the festival, the audience were extremely engaged and the festival organisers are an amazing and valued support. We were thrilled with the feedback from the families who came and explored our sensory experience, FEAST offers an incredible opportunity for immersive art at Malvern Cube for both the attendees and artists. Magical!  Emma Fay, Enter Edem

It was wonderful to work with your Tuesday drama group on the Thursday 9th and Friday 10th for the two-day Playback training. The participants were all so present and generous taking creative and personal risks to try out this unique improvisational kind of theatre. They appeared to gain a lot from having a two-day residency, many individuals commented that they didn't usually work and immerse themselves in drama for a whole day. This seemed to deepen the group cohesion and their appreciation for each other, encouraging each other to 'have a go' and step into the unknown.

I was delighted to see five participants courageously step forward and perform on the Friday night in front of a live audience, I hope that they feel proud of their achievements. Being on an empty stage, with no script, nowhere to hide and to listen deeply to a story shared by an audience member is not easy and they did so well, instantly playing-back so many moments. I look forward to hearing how the new skills develop in Malvern. Rose Thorn, Dramatherapist and 'The Golden Thread' Playback Theatre Performer

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Milk Presents had a great time at FEAST. The audience size was lovely and impressive for a Sunday night and the volunteer team went out of their way to make us feel at home! We were also thrilled to make the t-shirt! Ruby Glaskin, Producer, Milk Presents

FEAST festival 2017 was a most extraordinary event. The comments I overheard throughout the weekend were 100% positive and seemed to reflect the newness of the experiences. It was a celebratory event will moments of hilarity; a man being eaten by a giant slug to a time of utter calm in the Crystal Clear experience inviting us to lie still and breath. The size, complexity, and success of this huge event are even more astounding knowing the limited resources it was created with. FEAST has proved itself a needed and much enjoyed event that brings the community together and highlights the values of all abilities of all. FEAST warrants future investment and support. Rachel Freeman, Everybody Dance

Hijinx performed Meet Fred at FEAST festival on the 11th November 2017. As a company that champion inclusion in every way we can, it is a real pleasure when we get to perform at an event which completely embodies everything we believe in, that all people deserve to be treated with equality. We had a wonderful time at the festival, with a sold out, incredibly warm and appreciative audience. My feeling was that FEAST had struck the perfect balance of delivering a programme that hit all the right notes in terms of the quality of the entertainment, while having an important message at its heart. It was wonderful to be a part of.   Ben Pettitt-Wade, Hi-Jinx Theatre


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